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Next meeting of the New Wilberforce Alliance

posted 4 Sep 2012, 12:23 by Raymond Aitken   [ updated 4 Sep 2012, 12:23 by Raymond Aitken ]

Hadrian Michell will be at a the first meeting of the founders and advisors of the New Wilberforce Alliance in London on Thursday, 4th October. 
D K Matai says "the New Wilberforce Alliance has the potential to be an extremely important project for the future of humanity not just in Great Britain but also around the world" - and he will fly from Zurich to be at the meeting.

Hadrian plans to present a plan to the meeting, a plan which involves using all of the personal networks of the participants (inter alia  Subud) in order to put together a global network of people who will be part of the running of the New Ethical Bank. In practice they will manage their local Cyclos systems and sign-up local traders to use the global complementary currency which the Cyclos systems will manage.

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