About the R&D Groups

An on-line Faculty to support the Operational teams

The purpose of the R&D Groups, is to create an on-line Faculty of experts and appropriate theoretical content to support the work of operational teams who are establishing and managing experiential economic zones. The Faculty members and Operative members, who will be in communication with each other, asynchronously (not at the same time) through the Google Group email lists, as well as synchronously (at the same time), by conference videoing through Google+ Hangouts.

There are 6 R&D discussion Groups:
  • 4 x 1 Group for each of the four components of banking4humanity,
  • 1 Group for catch-all topics that are transversal to, or beyond the remit of the above four components,
  • 1 Group for the establishment of an experiential economic zone, arising from Component 3
Each Group is hosted by Google Groups as an email list server, so that a single Group email address is used by all members for communicating with the Group, and an automatic archive is maintained on-line for reference and consultation.

NB: all these R&D discussion Groups are not visible to non-members, but anyone can ask to join
  Components &
 Discussion Groups
 Purpose of each R&D discussion Group
 1 Component 1
To develop a renewed existential understanding and vision of what is: capital, money, economy, banking and finance, which will give everyone the freedom to accomplish their highest human potential, both materially and spiritually.
 2 Component 2
To analyse the present state of the banking and financial system, in order to identify evolutionary opportunities and partners, for realising the new vision developed within Paradigm21
 3 Component 3
To establish legally structured Experiential Economic Zones in opportune territories throughout the world, where the guiding vision conceived in Paradigm21,  and the institutional framework developed in Banking21, can be piloted to demonstrate humane and sustainable new approaches to human development.
 4 Sub-component 3.1
An experiential economic  zone
Alpujarra21 is a multi-partner working group for the conception and presentation of a human development project to the planning authority in Granada. The project aims to be of genuine benefit to conserving the agricultural heritage of the Alpujarra valley, as well as being an R&D, educational and cultural facility for 21st century human development that is based on sustainable economic development and founded on ecological agriculture.
 5 Component 4
The improvement and steerage of all 4 components of banking4humanity.org, through the experiential development of a results-based adaptive co-management approach for continuous improvement and accountability in the implementation of all components; in order to achieve optimal results based on a subsidiarity of decentralised personal responsibility and empowerment, through clear and measurable agreements.
 6 All four components
Topics that are transversal to or outside the remit of the above 4 components

The overall goal of these R&D discussion Groups is to facilitate a network of researchers, writers, authors, academics and students working on initiatives for the accomplishment of sustainable human development on a global scale, that are:
  1. based on a paradigm shift regarding money and capital at the meta level, [Paradigm21]
  2. which transforms the socio-economic "rules of the game" at the macro level, [Banking21]
  3. so that new approaches to economic regeneration can be implemented at the meso level, within opportune bio-regions, by community based multi-stakeholder consortia, [eeZone21]
  4. and managed on a basis of subsidiarity at the micro level, through democratic results-based adaptive co-management. [Results21]
so as to encourage co-development and collaboration in order to identify, study, build and deliver the knowledge and experience that drives new advancements and best practice in each of the above 4 components.